Update for August 11-15

Love, Literacy, and Lasting Impacts

This was a week of learning for me. The Ohio Innovative Learning Environments Conference packed five days with fantastic keynotes and breakout sessions. It was great to see so many educators spend part of their summer learning about new ideas. I walked away from the conference with three words that have impacted me and will stay with me for a while.

1. Love — Love is such a powerful, versatile word that is often associated with romance. However, Steve Farber’s (@stevefarber) keynote reminded us that love doesn’t need to be provocative; it is at the very heart of what we do. We should love what we do, otherwise why are we doing what we do? I appreciate Mr. Farber’s advice on love and work. He suggests that we ask ourselves, “Why do I love this work, and how do I show it?”. The answers to this question will help us grow.

2. Literacy — Franki Sibberson’s (@frankisibberson) keynote on digital literacy, student choice, and authenticity of the work students do spoke to my heart. Franki spoke on how literacy and what it takes to be “literate” has changed. Franki referenced the National Council of Teachers of English definition of 21st century literacies during her keynote. It is a definition that has helped me personally and professionally understand how my own learning has changed. The definition has also helped me frame the shifts in literacy instruction that we need to be taking in order to help students navigate a media-rich world.


3. Lasting Impacts —  I made it a point to go up to the stage to talk to Franki after her keynote. I did that because she has had a profound impact on me as an educator. Her books and her blog have helped me to understand what reading really means and what teaching kids how to read really means. When someone has that kind of impact on you, I think that you should let them know it.

Saying “thanks” to Franki.
This moment made me reflect on the lasting impact I have had on others. This is hard for me to do because it feels a little self-serving. However, since some would say that being an educator means I am “in the business of changing lives”, I should reflect on the impact I have on others. Recently, a friend and colleague of mine presented her first session at a state conference. She would be the first to tell you that it put her outside of her comfort zone. However, I knew that what she had to share would have a positive impact on the learning experiences of students and teachers.


As you can see from the smiles, it was a great experience for everyone.

As we begin the school year, I will be thinking about how I can continue to find the strengths of others and then put them in a position where they can use their talents and knowledge to help others learn.  

What will your impact be this year?

Take care and stay positive,


Upcoming Dates

Aug 13 Staff Retreat at Buckeye Ceramic Supply, 9-12pm
Aug 14 New Teacher Work Day
Aug 15, First Staff Meeting, starts, 8:00am
Aug 18 Convocation at Bradley H.S., 8:30am – 10:00am
Ice Cream Social, 4pm – 6pm
Open House, 4pm – 5pm

Aug 19 First Day of School!


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