Smiling So Much It Hurts

Update for Aug 15 – 19

This story is one of those stories that we live for.


Last Friday morning, Mrs. Kim Dornburgh, a 3rd Grade teacher at Alton Darby, came to me to ask a favor. With a smile, she gave me her “Dream” bracelet that our Superintendent, Dr. Marschhausen, had given to all Hilliard City Schools staff.  I was confused for a second – Was she turning in her dream?

Kim told me that her student had seen me wearing my “Dream” bracelet and said, “When I grow up, I want a dream like Mr. H”.  Without hesitation, Mrs. Dornburgh recognized a great opportunity to lift this student up.  

Kim had it all worked out.  She would give me her bracelet to give to her student when he was least expecting it.  I agreed, but only if she would email Dr. Marschhausen to let him know about the story.

So on Monday, as I am talking with a teacher in the hallway, I see Dr. Marschhausen walk by. When I caught up with him, he told me he received an email from Mrs. Dornburgh about her student wanting a “dream” and wanted to come by and drop off a bracelet to her.

What happens next is one of those moments that we live for.

A little later, I got the bracelet from Mrs. Dornburgh and went to find her student who was working in another room. I found him and asked him to come out into the hallway.  I told him that I had heard about his conversation with Mrs. Dornburgh about wanting “a dream”.  I showed him the extra bracelet and said, “I’m giving this to you so that when you wear it each day, it reminds you to work hard to make your dreams come true.”

He stood up a little taller, his eyes lit up, and his smile went from ear to ear.  

What happens next is one of those moments that we live for.

Here is what Mrs. Dornburgh shared with me about what happened next:

I had the opportunity to share my “Special” students story with my classroom.  I did not know how they would react.  

As it turns out, when we went to the gym for PE, “A-” was a minute or so late and this is what transpired.

Student: “Hey ‘A-’, what’s that on your wrist?”

‘A-’: “A bracelet like Mr. Higginbotham’s.”

Other kids: “Wow, ahhhhh,  cool, Can I see?”, etc.

The entire class surrounded him with love and support.

40 minutes later… “A-” was still smiling.  He hugged me and said, “My face hurts”.

I said, “Are you OK?”  He said,  “Yeah, you smile a lot when you are so cool… My friends think I am cool.”  

This is one of those moments we live for.

Moments like this happen every day at our school. We live for these moments and need to celebrate them and share them with anyone who will listen.

What stories will you share?

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