Building Capacity to Lead

Update for Sept 22 – 26

This week was an amazing example of what happens when we allow ourselves to be creative in order to provide unique learning experiences for kids.

What we did as a learning community to celebrate International Dot Day was an act of brave creativity. We trusted each other to coordinate 900+ students into one large dot in the middle of the field we share with Darby Creek Elementary. I appreciate how we modeled for our students what it looks like to collaborate and create something that is bigger than ourselves. What started as an idea turned into reality because we were able to work together and recognize this was going to be a special moment.
What I hope each of you take away from International Dot Day is this —
  • If you want to try something new, go for it. 
  • If your kids want to try something new, tell them to go for it. 
  • When you have an idea that puts kids at the center of something that will deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them, go for it.

Give your kids and give yourself permission to take a risk and to try something new.
You never know what might happen.

Reminders/Upcoming Dates

EdCamp Logistics
·       If you haven’t sent home your copies of the “Kids EdCamp Session Catalog”, please do so on Monday.
·       Be prepared to collect session choices from students. It would be helpful to keep the choice forms in order as students turn them in to you.  You can send the choice forms down to the office each morning.
·       We will be entering the choice form information into a Google Form that will allow us to organize the information.
Data Team Dates
We will be starting our half-day release times for Data Teams on the following dates:
·       Oct 22 – 5th Grade, half-day AM; 4thGrade half-day PM
·       Oct 23 – 3rd Grade, half-day AM; 2ndGrade half-day PM
·       Oct 30 – 1st Grade, half-day AM; KG half-day PM
More information will be coming to you in the near future. I just wanted to get these dates out to you.
Interims – Oct 3
I would like for you to take this opportunity to communicate with parents how their child is doing so far with the material you are focusing on at this time in the year. Just like you, I believe that supporting the growth and success of each of our kids is the most important aspect of the work I do. Please turn your interims into my mailbox by Wednesday, Oct 1 so that I have a chance to review each of the interims.  I appreciate your support. Please see me if you have any questions.
Why is he in here? 
I’ve had a couple of folks ask my why I am in classrooms nearly every day.  I appreciate that others may be wondering too, so I wanted to share with you my response.
The work that teachers do is the most important work that is being done within our learning community. Seeing the instructional best practices and strategies that are being utilized by teachers is the best way for me to support the work you do. It’s like checking the heartbeat of the building.
When I walk into a class and stick around for a bit, I always try to see things from the students’ perspective. I use a framework of four questions that I ask from the perspective of the child that helps me form an understanding of the learning experience:
  1. What is important for me to do in today’s lesson? (Learning Target)
  2. What​​ must I learn to be able to do it? (Lesson-sized chunk of content knowledge & skill)
  3. How will I be asked to show that I can do it? (Performance of understanding)
  4. How well will I have to do it? (Success criteria or “look for”)
I look forward to being in your class this week and to the professional conversations that follow!
Upcoming Dates –
Tue Sep 23, 2014
Scheduled Team Time w/ Herb – Let me know if your team would like to meet during your planning time!

Wed Sep 24, 2014   
Biometric Screening – Preschool Conference Room
3:35-4:20 ADE/DCR Staff Meeting at ADE

Thu Sep 25, 2014       
Picture Day! (Gifted Classroom) – It’s Picture Day — a day of needed patience and organization. Please help the learning continue in the intermediate hallway by helping your students minimize the noise.

Wed Oct 1, 2014
Interims due in Herb’s mailbox

Thu Oct 2, 2014       
Mumkin Delivery
5:30pm – 6:30pm Market Day

Fri Oct 3, 2014       
K-5 Interims Due
Newsletter Home
8am – 9am Building Advisory Committee Meeting

Tue Oct 7, 2014       
8am – 9am Building Improvement Team mtg

Fri Oct 10. 2014       
9:30-11:00am Kids’ EdCamp

Mon Oct 13, 2014   
3:35-4:20 ADE/DCR Staff Meeting at ADE
6:30pm – 7pm PTO Executive Mtg
7pm – 8pm PTO General Mtg

Thu Oct 16, 2014       
Spirit Day
6pm – 8:30pm Tailgate Party

Fri Oct 17, 2014        Central Ohio In-Service Day – No School for Students

Articles Worth Reading –

“Before You Move Onto the Next Big Thing… | The Principal of Change”

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