My FitBit Is A Liar: Things I have learned today

Update for Dec 1-5

This week’s post is a guest post by Terri Root!  Enjoy!

(sigh) “Mama said that there would days like these.” That is what Katie, my very wise 9 year-old daughter, said when I pointed out that her pants were on inside out…
Well, friends… I am gonna’ tell you the same thing: “Mama said that there would days like these.”


1) When it comes to weddings, “Awesome!” is almost always the correct answer
First thing this morning my mother said to me, “I am going to get my make-up done at 10:00 am on the day of the wedding, don’t you think that is a good idea?”… the wedding starts at 6:00PM… so the logical answer is “No” – which is what I said… this is wrong… the guilt, discussion and sadness that ensued is not logical or good so… “Yep! That is awesome!!” is the correct answer.

2) No pants no service…
After that really, educational conversation, I went to my mammogram.

Mammograms are really an event now. They walk you back into a private waiting room and ask you to change into a real cloth robe… in your own changing area…

So I changed out of my clothes and into my robe and walked out into the waiting area where my new friend, Jane – 88, informed me that I did not need to take my pants off for the mammogram… I wondered why the robe was so short. We had a very good laugh about that… after I put my pants back on. I even showed her how to use the coffee machine.

3) Did you know that Epson Salts work as a laxative?
After my mammogram I decided that maybe a nice coffee might be a good idea before going to the grocery store with a very long list of items. So armed with my coffee I went to the grocery store and started my grocery adventure with about 15 wheel chair assisted adults and, almost as many super cute, new mothers in a “no sleep” haze with their equally as cute babies.

I had my cart almost filled to the brim with groceries for in-coming family when I was overwhelmed by the feeling my husband lovingly describes as a “crap attack” – the extra vitamin C I took this morning, along with the Epson Salt bath I took last night combined with the coffee and suddenly the previously sweet wheel chair shoppers, new mothers and babies became a crazy and awful obstacle course to the bathroom…

I am ashamed to say that I became “that woman”… I had to move a woman in wheel chair over so that I could dash past her… In my mind, I gave the woman a fast, hard push without warning and rushed past… but it probably wasn’t quite that bad… still I could not stop to talk so… I hoped my “I am so sorry, excuse me please” would make up for my extreme rudeness.
I made it in time… but I believe I have done some major damage to my rep with the big guy.

4) My Fibit lies
After all of this… my Fibit says that I only had 2 mins. of “very active” time… liar.

December Kids EdCamp is coming Dec 17th!

Please bring your passion and add your session to the growing list! We are excited to have 13 sessions, but we need more to make this second EdCamp successful. YES! You can do the same session as before!

Articles Worth Reading — 

“Characteristics of Engaged Learners Vs Disengaged Learners” (Infographic)

“How a Moveable Space Can Ignite Creativity in the Classroom” | MindShift via @MindShiftKQED

“The School Won’t Fall Apart…” | The Principal of Change

Neat idea!–

Videos that make you smile —  

Can you whistle?–


Real Dads cry —

Upcoming Dates — 

Monday, Dec 1 — 
1:35pm — School Community Meeting — Putting the pieces together!

Team Time all day (Moved from Tuesday, Dec 2)

Tuesday, Dec 2 — 

8:00-noon — TGRG Data Team meeting at CO for coaches, intervention teacher and principal
3:45 — Tech Lab PD w/ Kelly Riley in Media Center

Wednesday, Dec 3 — 

8:00 — Building Improvement Team Meeting – – This is a proposed change from Tuesday due to TGRG Data Team meeting. Let me know if you can’t make it.
12:30 — Special Ed Department Meeting
3:35 — AD/DC Staff Meeting at ADE
5:30 — MarketDay Pickup

Thursday, Dec 4 — 

12:30 — Ohio Historical Society program for 2nd Grade students.

Friday, Dec 5 — Herb to visit Wickliffe Elementary — I need to reschedule BAC for Tuesday, Dec 9 at 8am.  Please let me know if you cannot make this. 

Tuesday, Dec 9 — 

8:00-8:45 — BAC Meeting

Fri Dec 12, 2014 — 
7am – 9am Board of Edu Bldg Tours – HMS, ADE/HPS & DCR


Fri Dec 19, 2014 — Holiday Parties

Dec 22, 2014-Jan 4, 2015 — Winter Break


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