The Energy of Our Words

Update for Jan 20-23

On this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday, I have been enjoying reading the different quotes others have been sharing throughout the day.  I am no wordsmith and I definitely far from being a literary analyst, but I appreciate the “simplexity” of Dr. King’s words.

“I have a dream”, “Keep moving forward”, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.  These are all famous quotes that I love because they invoke grand messages of hope and optimism but in simple statements. 

Simon Sinek suggested that the power of Dr. King’s words came from the “why” that was connected to them. Sinek argues that the 250,000 people who came to Washington in 1963 didn’t come just to see Dr. King. They came because they believed in the “why” of his message. Sinek also reminds us that Dr. King came to sell a “dream”, not a “plan”.

This has many implications for our work with kids, too.  We need to be mindful of the words we use with kids, especially when we are providing explicit instruction.  There is an art to teaching and we need to be artistic with the words we use.  Our words need to help kids connect to the “why” of the lesson, activity, or project.

Today also reminds me that our words are powerful because they can either lift others up or put them down.  The energy of our words can be positive energy or negative energy and it’s up to us which form of energy is used.  I love this video that features a project Massoud Adibpour did in Washington, D.C.  It’s inspiring to see someone try to use words to spread joy!

Video that inspires…fun!

Today’s Classroom…

Articles Worth Reading

“You are what you share”

“The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning”

“How Integrating Arts Into Other Subjects Makes Learning Come Alive”

Jan 21 —
Children’s Mathematics Book Talk, 8am Media Center

Jan 22 —
Admin Meeting, 8am

Jan 26 —
Yearbook Sale Begins (Ends Feb 6)

Jan 27 —
Children’s Mathematics Book Talk, 8am Media Center

Jan 28 —
AD/DC Staff Meeting, 3:45

Jan 30 —

Family Game Night, 6:30pm

Feb 3 —
BIT Meeting,  8am

Feb 4 — 
Children’s Mathematics Book Talk

Feb 5 — 
Market Day Pick-up, 5:30pm

Feb 6 — 
Newsletter Home
Yearbook Sale Ends
BAC meeting, 8am

Feb 9 — 
PTO Meeting, 7pm

Feb 11 — 
Conference Night

Feb 13-16 — No School

Feb 17 — Waiver Day (No School for students)


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