What’s your brand?

Update for Jan 26-30

On Jan 1, an improbable event happened– a third string quarterback led OSU to a victory over Alabama in a convincing win.

During the broadcast of the game, there was a quick shot of a fan wearing a sweater with a phrase that summed up how many OSU fans were feeling that evening :

“Ohio Against the World” captured the range of emotions that many including myself were feeling during the Sugar Bowl — The frustration of hearing sports analysts predict our demise and the sudden reality that there was a good chance of a victory despite these doubts.

And I wanted one of those shirts!

So I jumped on my phone’s web browser and went right to Homage.com.  Homage is a Columbus-based vintage sports t-shirt company that sells some of the most comfortable clothes and who has this sort of eclectic reputation.  Basically, there was a reason why I thought to immediately go to Homage to find this shirt.

However, no luck finding the shirt.  So I checked out Twitter to see if Homage had posted anything about the shirt.  Sure enough…


That was a pretty classy thing of Homage to do — to share the actual website where you can get the t-shirt — which is why I will continue to be an Homage customer.  And I also think this is a great example of why a “brand” is so important to develop. Check out this video about the Homage story:

So where am I going with this?  It’s more of a question than a point.  What implications does “branding” have for schools, for educators, and for students?  

In an era when access to information is getting easier, it’s going to be increasingly important to be able to stand out. I have a belief that it’s important to create a “brand” for yourself by sharing what you are passionate about, sharing your ideas, and sharing your reflections in a way that helps others learn and grow and also helps them connect with you. I think it is increasingly important for educators to do this so that we might be able to show our students how to understand and use branding in the future.

Is this important now? With 3 billion internet users in 2014, a case that this is important can be made.  Let’s put it this way — If you were a human resources manager, which gives you more access to someone: A paper resume or an online resume?  [Here’s a hint…]

Next week, I’ll share some of the tools I’ve been using to establish a digital footprint to help me create a brand. Until then, think about what your “brand” might be. It may just be one more way to consider utilizing your passions!

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