Connected Learning? Keep it simple!

Update for Feb 9-12

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I’ll be the first to admit that I spend a fair share of time reading up on education topics. When you have access to a world of information through your phone, it makes it so easy to learn.

My learning tools are Twitter, Feedly, Delicious and Google+ and they all help me connect to new ideas on-demand. When I co-taught a professional development series on being a “connected educator”, my colleagues asked me how I had time for reading and curating content, pointing out that it seemed like it was a lot of work.
Well, maybe to them it seems like a lot of work. But to me, learning this way is fun and it doesn’t even feel like I am working.

I have learned more about myself as a learner, as a father, as a reader, as a writer, and as a mathematician than I ever have in my life and it’s all because I am having fun connecting with others and their ideas.

There are some who have defined characteristics of “connected learning”, but I say being a connected learner means using connection tools such as Twitter or other social media platforms in a way that awakens your passion as a learner, that helps you connect with others and that allows you to share your new discoveries.

That’s it! Don’t make this complicated!

And before you make the argument that technology gets in the way of connecting with others, I’m going to suggest to you that technology helps us connect with others in ways which we were never able to before.  Take a look at this ad from Apple that helps me make my point:

If connected learning is a concept that is completely new to you, remember to keep it simple and focused on connecting with others — Start a book talk, join a Google+ community, or join a Twitter chat.  Why should you wait for the learning event to happen when you could create your own?

Just keep one thing in mind: This is a connected world.  Our students are jumping into social media as young as 8 years old.  So why not show them how they can use these tools to learn?  And if you feel that’s important, then you should be a connected learner so that you can lead the way.

A Video That Inspires

How do you react when things don’t go as planned?

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Upcoming Dates

Feb 9
Testing meeting (Herb), 1:15
PTO Meeting, 7:00pm

Feb 10
Community Outing (Shively), 9am

Feb 11
Herb at ILC for meeting, 10am
Herb at CO for Dream Big Project update, 1pm
Conference Night

Feb 13-16
No School

Feb 17
Waiver Day — Hilliard U
Parent Committee Meeting, 7pm at Bradley HS Aux Commons

Feb 19
Admin Meeting (Herb), 8am
Testing Protocol Meeting for Staff, 3:30-4:00pm  CANCELED

Feb 24
Wellness Committee Meeting, 7pm

Upcoming Assessments:

Tuesday Feb. 24th
PARCC – English Language Arts  PBA Unit 1
4th and 5th grade students
Wed. Feb. 25th
PARCC – English Language Arts  PBA Unit 2
4th and 5th grade students
Thursday Feb. 26th
PARCC – English Language Arts  PBA Unit 3
4th and 5th grade students
Tuesday March 3rd
PARCC – Math  PBA Unit 1
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students
Wed. March 4th
PARCC – Math  PBA Unit 2
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students


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