It’s Time to Redefine "Student Work"

Update for Feb 17-20

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a group of students answer questions about what they thought about Student Work, which is a component of our school district’s Blended Learning Framework.

The students’ answers were revealing to me and the other administrators who were in the room.  The students, who ranged from 1st grade to 12th grade, had similar answers when asked to talk about doing work that was relevant, meaningful and authentic.  

Students used words like freedom, collaboration, interests, choice, and passion when describing the kind of work that is meaningful and relevant to them.

One of the high school students elaborated on what it is like to work with a teacher who was knowledgeable in the kind of work the student was focusing on as a learner.  The student described how his art teacher was more of a collaborator who threaded her experience into what he was learning.  

Then the student made a comment that affirmed something that has been in my heart and on my mind as I continue to think about the ways in which we educators need to continue to learn and grow.  He said, “I believe teachers need to continue to learn in the same ways they expect us to learn.”

Unpacking that statement has enormous implications for any teacher.  Let’s think about this: Learning the same way we expect our kids to learn.  

We say that we want students to be creative, critical thinkers who collaborate and can communicate with others. But are we really living that sort of life as a learner? 

Does the way we adults learn look different in ways that match the world we live in? You may be saying yes, but are you really collaborating differently? Are you really communicating differently? Creativity and critical thinking?

Finally, the student’s commentary on learning and “Student Work” makes me think of the question George Couros once asked” Would you want to be a learner in your own classroom?.  

This has been a great reflective question for me as a teacher.  And as a principal, I ask a similar question: “Would I want to be a student at this school?”. As a teacher, I would say to myself, “Is this how I learn? Is this what I would want to do in order to learn?”. This usually helped me create more authentic experiences for students.  

Were they the best lessons ever?  


But they were way better than they were before I started putting myself in my students’ shoes.  

Reflecting on these kinds of questions will help us reflect on our practice and redefine what we believe student work should look like.

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Video Worth Watching

How passionate are you?

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