Not knowing

Update for May 4-8

I struggled to get something down for this week’s update.  I drafted and rejected a handful of thoughts and then the right thought surfaced when I was in the checkout line at the grocery:  There is freedom in not knowing.

Not knowing the answer means you get to find a way to the answer.

Not knowing what’s next means you get to keep your mind open to the possibilities.

Not knowing how means you get to learn something new.

Not knowing why means you get to discover the reason.

As professionals who are in the knowledge business, I think that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to “know”.  Shouldn’t we be more focused on the process and the methods of learning rather than what the answer is?  If we shift our thinking to discovery, open mindedness, and being comfortable with not knowing, we may find ourselves doing more learning.

Have a GREAT week!


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