Change As Simple As Returning To Our Roots

Update for Oct 19-23
From Wikipedia; Labeled for Resue

Allison Zmuda’s message in the video below is timely for me — When it comes to change, staying focused on how students learn helps us continue to change and grow.

Zmuda cautions us not to focus on the “pace of change” but instead to stay focused on the simplicity of the learning experience.  

She reminds us that powerful learning experiences are just a few key ingredients such as co-creation of learning with students, meaningful feedback to students, and providing the opportunities for students to share new learning with a broad audience so that they can “change the world one problem, one question, one task at a time”.

Zmuda’s message makes me think of how important it is to return to our roots — Return to the purpose of why we are doing what we are doing.

For us, it’s remembering that we believe students learn best through inquiry and when they are our partners in learning.

It means remembering that we value feedback- student to student, teacher to student, and student to teacher.

It means remembering to build units of study around enduring understandings — Essential truths and understandings that students will remember for the rest of their lives.  

Furthermore, an article in KQED News’s Mind/Shift blog explains Will Richardson’s call for a “third narrative” in school reform. Take a look at an excerpt where Richardson describes what he thinks the third narrative should focus on:

What if we were to return to consistently using an inquiry-based approach to learning and connecting what we have learned along the way? How could we grow those roots?

If we were to return our focus to our roots of inquiry-based learning experiences, and then grow those roots deeper, we could support one strong and durable tree.

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