“Exercise the Option”

Update for Feb 22-26

It’s a given: The only thing constant is change.

I think about change often.  I think about how I need to respond to change.  I realized during year 5 of being an educator that each year will be different.  

I have also come to understand that it doesn’t get easier if you want to get better.

There is a gap between good and great.  

Good is comfortable.  Good is relying on your talents to get you by,

Getting to Great is hard work.  Great is knowing that talent alone won’t help you grow.  Great is knowing that being on autopilot, resistant and impulsive doesn’t work with change.

Great is knowing how to press pause, reflect and get your mind right, stepping up and owning the reality around you.  Great is knowing that it takes intentional practice and a growth mindset to get better.  That is how successful people respond to change.


When we aren’t flexible and responsive to change, our life and our work gets harder.  Think about it — Change is hard.  Not changing is harder.  Life will eventually catch up, pass you by and win.  

We have the opportunity to invent tomorrow with our students.  That will take consistent reflection, consistent mental stamina, and consistent practice at getting better and growing.

As we’ve learned from R-Factor training and “Above the Line”:

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional. The smart thing to do is exercise the option.”

Articles Worth Reading —

STEAM + Project-Based Learning: Real Solutions From Driving Questions http://edut.to/1nlKCxu

Mattel Unveils ThingMaker, A $300 3D Printer That Lets Kids Make Their Own Toys http://tcrn.ch/214Ga5o via @techcrunch

Future-Focused Leadership http://esheninger.blogspot.com/2016/02/future-focused-leadership.html 

I love this thought —

Upcoming Dates —

Feb 23 — KG Data Team mtg AM, 1st Grade Data Team mtg PM
Feb 24 — 2nd Grade Data Team mtg AM, 3rd Grade Data Team mtg PM
Feb 25 –5th Grade Data Team mtg AM, 4th Grade Data Team mtg PM   
Feb 24 — ADDC Staff Meeting, 3:40 at ADE
Feb 26 — End of K-5 Grading Period *See emails from Joanne and updates on TAC about Progress Report Timeline.

Mar 1 — BIT Meeting, 8am
Mar 1 — Connection Time w/ Herb — Schedule is wide open! Stop by for a chat!  I don‘t know what you’re thinking if you don’t share with me.
Mar 1 — Steering Committee Meeting, 3:45 at DCR
Mar 2 — ADE Staff Meeting
Mar 7 — ADE PTO Meeting, 7pm
Mar 7-11 — OLSAT (Gifted), Grades 1 to 5 by recommendation
Mar 9 — Spring Concert, 7pm, Bradley HS
Mar 10 — PD Series w/ Dr. Donna: “Discovery Approach”, 3:45 at DCR
Mar 15 — Professional Development Day — No SCHOOL (Students)
Mar 18 — Elementary Student Transfer Request Forms Due
Mar 18-24 — Spring Break — NO SCHOOL
Mar 25 — Holiday — NO SCHOOL



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