Opportunity or threat?

Update for Mar 7-11

What’s new or different can be perceived two ways: An opportunity or a threat.

New ideas, new people, or new places can cause folks to think about what’s possible or what’s avoidable.  

When you go to an event, birthday party, wedding, or get-together  and walk into a room full of people, do you find yourself thinking “I wonder who I’ll meet?” or “I wonder how fast I can get out of here?”.  When faced with a new challenge or idea, are you thinking “Oh yay!” or “Oy vey…”?

I know that I have to be mindful of how I am perceiving the “new”. My perception shows in my facial expressions, my body language and what I say.  If I want my staff, parents, and students to think “opportunity” instead of “threat”, I need to model the behavior I hope to see in others. I have to remind myself to think “I get to” rather than “I have to”.

Some opportunities cause us pain, heartache or frustration, but we have to remember it’s all a part of life — There’s always a lesson in the pain.  We need to learn from each moment, good or bad, in order to continue to get better at life. Thinking of life’s events as opportunities rather than threats can help us accomplish this.

Here’s to new opportunities this week! 


Articles Worth Reading

Interest-Based Electives: Engaging Students With STEAM Explorations http://edut.to/1PZWznV

20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2016/03/03/20-strategies-for-motivating-reluctant-learners/

Innovation To Best Practice http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/12331

Upcoming Dates

Mar 7 — ADE PTO Meeting, 7pm
Mar 7-11 — OLSAT (Gifted), Grades 1 to 5 by recommendation
Mar 9 — Special Ed Team Meeting, 12pm
Mar 9 — Spring Concert, 7pm, Bradley HS — Rehearsal at Bradley in the AM.  Details will be shared soon via email!
Mar 10 — PD Series w/ Dr. Donna: “Discovery Approach”, 3:45 at DCR
Mar 15 — Hilliard U Day — No SCHOOL (Students)
Mar 17 — Elementary Student Transfer Request Forms Due
Mar 18-24 — Spring Break — NO SCHOOL
Mar 25 — Holiday — NO SCHOOL



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