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Update for Mar 28-Apr 1

Today during Easter service, our pastor discussed how big moments don’t necessarily change everything immediately. He talked about the fact the Resurrection didn’t change that the Romans ruled the Holy Land. He also connected that argument to current events such as the presidential race or the terrorism in Belgium.  

The sermon made me think about a quote from Steve Jobs during a commencement speech at Stanford University in 2011:

Big moments take time to have a lasting effect that changes our world; this could be argued for any religion.  In many ways, the changes and impacts our various faiths have on the world continues to happen but at a pace we are not used to.  

One reason that was offered up today is that whatever our faith is, we could all agree that it is a deeply personal connection that happens within us.  

Therefore, the change we expect to see actually happens much slower than we anticipated because it has to live within each of us first before change begins to take shape.

For me, the two messages from Dr. Anderson and Steve Jobs have similar implications for what I do in my role as principal and I hope they connect with you in the work that you do.

First, big moments often don’t make sense in the moment, nor can they predict what will immediately happen next.  They do, however, make sense looking back when you are reflecting on progress you have made.

Second — and this one has been a big one for me for the past 5 years — Whatever I believe in my heart is right for kids has to happen within me first before it can happen through me.  

Try as I may, this is something I experience almost as much failure as I do success; but I am deeply committed to making what I believe come through in what I do each day, in every single interaction, and in every single moment.  

I’ve found out that this is increasingly challenging for folks in roles like mine — Apparently people pay close attention to every word, mannerism, body language and expression I exhibit! But I am not letting that deter me because I know that getting this right is a personal mission worth investing in.

As we gear up for the remaining months at school — and the energy level from the kids that comes with it — I challenge each of us to reflect on two thoughts.  

First, how do the big moments that have happened to you this year resonated with you? How have they changed you?

Second, what is it you believe is right for kids and how you are going about making that happen?  How are you bringing others along? Are your actions pushing others away? 

Is what you believe and what you have reflected on happening within you?

Have a GREAT week back from break!  Let’s do this!


Articles Worth Reading

Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab — http://stager.org/articles/8bigideas.pdf?utm_content=buffere8a1c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Learning Before You Innovate http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/6154 via @gcouros — This one is worth reading closely!

 Average’ gets his ire up http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2016/03/average-gets-his-ire-up/ via @harvard  —

A quote from this article:

“I care a lot about people finding their own path, and I think the world’s a better place if we let people figure out their passions and what they’re good at and give them the knowledge and skills to do that, but our education system isn’t designed to do that — it rounds you out and makes you interchangeable with everyone else.”

This is why we are doing what we are doing!  Because passion and interests matters for kids; because “rounding” kids out is not an education system built on personalization.

Funny Video from this Weekend —

I love the theatre of politics, and this year has been a blockbuster in that regard!  If you haven’t seen this moment yet, check it out! (This is not an endorsement; it’s just something I appreciated):

And of course, the Internet reacted:


Only in America!

Upcoming Dates —

Mar 31 — Staff Olympic Trials – Throughout the day; more details to come
Mar 31 — Kindergarten Parent Workshop, 6-8PM

Apr 1 — Class Pictures in Gym; Staff Picture, 8:40AM, Location TBD
Apr 4 — School Community Meeting: “Press Pause, Get Your Mind Right”
Apr 4 — PTO Meeting, 7PM
Apr 5 — Herb meeting out of building AM
Apr 5 — BIT Meeting, 8AM
Apr 5 — Steering Committee Meeting, 3:45, ADE
Apr 6 — ADE Staff Meeting: R-Factor Training – R4
Apr 7 — Herb meeting outside of bldg AM
Apr 8 — KG to Franklin Park Conservatory
Apr 12 — 3, 4, 5 ELA State Testing (AM)
Apr 12 — Connection Time w/ Herb (Email-Schedule limited due to testing)
Apr 12 — Tech/Media Planning day w/Teams
Apr 13 — Spec Ed Team Meeting, Noon
Apr 13 — RTI Team Meeting
Apr 14 — PD w/ Dr. Donna: “Connecting Classroom Language to Student Success”
Apr 15 — School Community Meeting: Walk-a-thon Kickoff
Apr 19 — 3, 4, 5 Grade Math State Testing
Apr 20 — ADDC Staff Meeting, 3:40 ADE Media Center
Apr 21 — 4th Grd (Soc St), 5th Grd (Sci) State Testing
Apr 21 — Herb Meeting AM
Apr 22 — Interims Go Home
Apr 27 — ADE Walk-a-thon (during related arts time)
Apr 28 — Transfer Meeting



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