Staying Vulnerable In Order to Grow

Update for May 9-13

Last week, we focused on “Building Skill” – Intentional, focused repetitions on a skill we know we need to improve to move from Good to Exceptional.

We talked again about how talent alone doesn’t get the job done.  I mentioned this ad from Nike that I think underscores this point:

We also discussed the need to not only share your goal for improvement with others, but also ask them to hold you accountable.  Jim Rohn wrote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Surrounding ourselves with others we trust, whose approaches to life and work we wish to emulate, can help us build the skill we need to move from good to elite.

However, this comes at a price to our ego.  In order to build skill, we need to stay vulnerable.

I am constantly working to improve as a leader.  The topic and concept of leadership is a passion of mine so I find myself reading, thinking, reflecting, and sharing anything on leadership.  It truly fascinates me.

And because leadership is a skill I am constantly building, I need to continue to make myself vulnerable in order to grow.

I have done two “feedback” surveys with the staff and it has helped, to a point.  Anonymous surveys are a mixed bag.  Most people use the anonymity to be honest in answering the questions I asked on the survey.  

One or two folks used anonymity as an opportunity to be less-than-professional with their feedback.  The truth is, it’s feedback I can’t really use — It just puts a giant pit in my stomach and keeps me from sleeping (Maybe that was what they really wanted to happen).  If you want to give someone feedback that will help them improve, you need to be specific.

In order to stay vulnerable and in order to get more out of your feedback, I hope that each of you will take me up on the offer to provide me with face-to-face feedback.  I was inspired by Thomas Hoerr’s article in this month’s Educational Leadership that discussed this type of feedback format.

I am ready to have some of my assumptions about the ways things are going affirmed from our conversation.  I am also ready to face the music when the feedback hurts — That’s the feedback I need to listen to in order to get better.

Here are some questions I am considering (Again, inspired by Thomas Hoerr):

  • What should I start doing?
  • What should I stop doing?
  • What should I continue doing?
  • Is my vision for learning evident?
  • Are my expectations clear and realistic?
  • Do I provide good feedback and positive reinforcement?
  • Can I be trusted?
  • How could I help you more?

I hope you will take 10 minutes out of your schedule to chat with me and help me grow!  A link to a sign-up will be coming soon.

Have a GREAT week!


Tweets Worth Checking Out —

Upcoming Dates — 

May 10 — Team Connection Time; let me know if you want to touch base.
May 11 — Spec Ed Team meeting, 12PM; RTI Team Meeting, 3:30PM
May 14 — AD/DC Warrior Dash, 6PM
May 17 — K/1 Data Team Half-Day Meeting
May 18 — 2/3 Data Team Half-Day Meeting
May 19 — 5/4 Data Team Half-Day Meeting 
May 18 — ADDC Staff Meeting, ADE Media Center, 3:45
May 19 — Herb Mtg AM
May 26 — Last Grow Together Thursday
May 30 — Holiday, NO SCHOOL
May 31 — ADE PTO Family Luau

Jun 3 — Last Day of School (Students)


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