The Edge



By the 11th mile, I was done.  The tank was empty.  My legs felt like cement.

Yet, there were two more miles to go. As I rounded the corner ready to push through the rest of mile 11, the road before us was one long incline.


By this point, I had already failed one of my two goals I wanted to meet during my first half marathon — There was no way I was going to finish in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

My other goal was to finish the race without stopping and now I had this inclined road in front of me, taunting me to just start walking or give up all together.

This was my Edge.  This is where I could choose to let the situation break me or when I could choose to push through this next unforeseen challenge even though my body felt maxed out.

At the top, a friend who was watching the race with the other spectators saw me and yelled out, “How are you doing?  You got anything left in the tank?”

I was clear in my answer: “Nope!”.

“Come on, man! This is it!  You need to get faster each quarter mile at this point!”.

Strangely enough, this encouragement worked.

This pushed me completely out of my zone for what I thought I was capable of doing.

I found what little energy I had left and pushed through the last mile and helped me achieve my goal of finishing the race without stopping.

My “edge” was pushed further ahead of me as a result of finishing the race.  I knew the minute I crossed the finish line all of the things I would do differently in my training to get the results I wanted.

I know for certain that would not have happened if I hadn’t pushed myself past the edge.

So, how often do we find ourselves at the edge of something when we are ready to just give up or give in to less than desirable results? 

How are we training our minds to overcome this response?

How can we get better at facing unexpected challenges?

For me, it’s intentional practice and it’s accepting feedback when I know I need it to keep pushing.

Each day I know I am going to be faced with challenges at school.  I know that there will be predictable Events and many that are unpredictable.  To prepare for this I focus on two skills everyday:

  • I remind myself, everyday, that Pressing Pause and thinking about the Outcome I desire is a skill that I need to continuously strengthen.
  • I remind myself, everyday, that I need to listen to what others are saying — Not hearing what they are saying, but listening to what they are saying.  I work hard to do what Stephen Covey calls listening “with the intent to understand”. This in turn is feedback for me to be a better leader.

Building skills into habits is hard work.  It takes intentional practice everyday.  It pushes you to the Edge, but with the right mindset and the willingness to be open to feedback, you can eventually turn skills into productive habits.

Have a GREAT week!


Upcoming Events

Oct 17-20 — Conferences; Late Night is Wednesday.  PTO will be providing dinner!

Oct 19 — Spec Ed Team meeting, 12 noon

Oct 20 — Fire Safety Awareness assemblies (see email from Joanne); Music Enrichment Show, 1:20-2:20

Oct 21 — COI Day; No School for students.

Oct 25 — 3rd Grade Data Team day

Oct 26 — 4th Grade Data Team day; AD/DC Staff Meeting, ADE Media Center, 3:45pm

Oct 28 — BAC Meeting, if necessary

Oct 31 — Trick or Treat Night in Hilliard

Nov 1 — RIMPs due; SLOs due; BIT meeting, 8am; KG Data Team day

Nov 2 — 1st Grade Data Team day

Nov 3 — 2nd Grade Data Team day

Nov 6 — Daylight Saving day

Nov 8 — Election Day/Hilliard U Day!

Nov 9 — ADE Staff Meeting

Nov 10 — 5th Grade Data Team day

Nov 11 — Veterans’ Day; End of first grading period.

Nov 23-25 — Thanksgiving Holiday!




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