“The Unimportance of Everything”


We’re at that point in the school year when “everything” seems important and urgent.

Emails, phone calls, meetings, lesson planning, progress reports, behavior — Put all of these together and you describe everyone’s upcoming week.

But if everything is urgent and important, how are we supposed to prioritize what we deal with first?

The answer is we can’t and the reason is because not everything is important.

None of the things I mentioned above happen all at once — We just spend our time thinking about them all at once, which makes us feel like “everything” is important right now.

Think about most of the events or stuff that happened to you last week where you thought it was the most urgent, important, news-breaking thing happening in the world.  I bet you’re like me and in looking back you realize that almost 100% wasn’t as urgent as you thought.

Take time this week to remind yourself that the most important thing happening is how you are choosing to respond to your events.  Give yourself permission not to react without thinking about what’s going on first.

Slow down.  Breathe.  Relax your shoulders. Focus on how you can leverage the “best you” to get the positive outcome needed in the situation.

Remember that not everything is important — Stay present in the moment.  Stay clear about what is essential so that you won’t get trapped by what is not essential.

Have a wonderful week!



Issue 58 Update —

As Dr. John mentioned this week in his State of the Schools address, it is our time to make a difference.  As a team, we need to step up and take action to be sure that everything is covered for the levy efforts.  We all have many things on our calendars but we need to be sure to make time for the students in our district.

November 5 is the last Lit drop – Pick up time is between 9 – 11 am at Heritage. I hope we have a huge ADE turnout to help!

Articles Worth Reading

 Upcoming Dates

Oct 31 — Hilliard Trick-or-Treat Night, 6-8pm

Nov 1 — KG Data Team day

Nov 2 — 1st Grade Data Team day

Nov 3 — 2nd Grade Data Team day

Nov 4 — November Newsletter; get items to Carla before Thursday!

Nov 5 — Lit Drop; pickup at Heritage MS from 9-11am

Nov 6 — Daylight Savings begin

Nov 7 — 2nd Grade Culture Show, 2pm in Gym

Nov 8 — Election Day; No School for Students — HILLIARD U DAY!!

Nov 9 — ADE Staff Meeting, 8am; 3rd Grade AIR Test, Part 1 (AM)

Nov 10 — 3rd Grade AIR Test, Part 2 (AM); 5th Grade Data Team day

Nov 11 — Hilliard Veteran’s Day Parade, 7pm; End of 1st K-5 Grading Period

Nov 16 — Spec Ed Team Meeting, noon; RTI Team Meeting, 3:30

Nov 23-25 — Thanksgiving Holiday, No School


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