With Gratitude

Saying thanks, giving thanks, and being grateful are all related to gratitude – The powerful state of mind that has profound effects on one’s well-being.

Research shows that including more gratitude in your life can improve your physical, psychological and social well-being.

Gratitude journals and other gratitude practices often seem so simple and basic; in our studies, we often have people keep gratitude journals for just three weeks. And yet the results have been overwhelming. – Robert Emmons

R-Factor training has helped us to consider a “mindset process” where what we see affects what we think, which affects what we feel, which affects how we act.

When we invest in gratitude, we cause a positive effect on all four influencers of the mindset process.  We see things in our lives that we should appreciate. We think about people who we are grateful for being in our lives.  We feel a deep sense of happiness when we consider what is going well in our lives.  These effects lay the foundation for a growth mindset.

I have been focusing on leading a more grateful life over the past month.  The letters by our 5th grade students to the staff that were shared during our staff meeting on Wednesday was a proud moment for me and the kids. I had a feeling that this was going to be a memorable morning for the kids to experience and I hope that it’s one they will never forget.

At the Veterans Day parade, I was inspired by two young kids who yelled “thank you” to all of the passing veterans and by the veterans who said, “Thank you – This means a lot to us that you are here”.  This is what’s amazing to me — I saw an exchange of gratitude and I ended up feeling great!  

Gratitude is a powerful thing!

I hope that you are starting your week filled with gratitude for the opportunity we have to work with kids.  We are apart of an amazing and challenging profession.  Yet, there are so many reasons for us to be thankful for what we get to do each day!

Have a great week!



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Upcoming Dates —

Nov 14 — PTO Meeting, 7pm

Nov 14-22 — STAR Testing window

Nov 16 — Spec Ed Team Meeting, noon; RTI Team Meeting, 3:30

Nov 22 — Last day to enter data into Progress Reports; 5th Grade Talent Show

Nov 23-25 — Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

Nov. 29 — PTO Spirit Night at Skyline Chili, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Dec. 2 — Progress Reports Available Online (after 2:00 PM)

Dec. 12 — PTO Meeting, 7:00 PM (child care provided)

Dec. 15 — 4th Grade Musical, 10:50 AM, 1:20 PM & 7:00 PM

Dec. 20 — Classroom holiday parties

Dec. 21 – Jan. 3 — NO SCHOOL – Winter Break

Weds., Jan. 4 — School Resumes

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