Clear Out the Crawl Space

The Thanksgiving holiday was a wonderful opportunity for me to relax.

Instead, I cleaned out the basement, decorated the Christmas tree, strung lights around my landscaping, and cleaned out the crawl space.

Yes, the Thanksgiving holiday was an opportunity for me to relax.

I admit now that it feels good now knowing I completed a lot these chores. Doing the chores at the time?  That was a different emotion altogether.

While I was cleaning out the crawl space, I noticed how much school stuff we had in there — We could probably run a 3rd and 4th grade class out of our basement.  I wondered if any of the materials in the crawl space would actually help create a classroom for today’s student needs.

We also ran across a box of stuff that we hadn’t opened since we moved into our house 7 years ago.  We took a quick peak and saw that it was a collection of hand-me-down dishes, pots and pans from circa 1962, which helped us understand why we hadn’t opened the box since moving in years ago.  So in determining what we were getting rid of and what was going into the crawl space, we decided that if we hadn’t opened the box since we moved in, what was the point of keeping it now?

I know that I am not alone in this dilemma, either at home or in the classroom.  We educators tend to hang on to things long past their prime or relevance by using the justification of “You never know if you might need it again!”.

Honestly, I’m not so sure we should be going through our profession with the mindset of “you never know” as a means for hanging on to aspects of our practice.  Think about it from a student’s experience.  Students begin each school year ready to build off of the skills they have learned in the past.  They begin with an eagerness to learn something new and rarely are they bringing in materials or work from last school year.

Once again, the student experience is an inspiration to me in my work.  The experience is a reminder of the power of starting anew with new approaches and an eagerness to learn that keeps the crawl space open to new ideas and practices.

Have a GREAT week!



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Upcoming Dates

  • Watch for information about School Community Meetings throughout the rest of the year that focuses on R-Factor.

Nov 30 – ADE Staff Meeting, 3:45 (Building Safety Refresher)

Dec 6 – IMPACT Training, K-2 Classroom Ts; BIT Meeting, 8am

Dec 14 – ADE Staff Meeting, 3:45 (Mental Health & Wellness Team)

Dec 15 – 4th Grade Musical Performances – Schedule change

Dec 20 – Classroom Parties, 2:30 – Schedule change

Dec 21-Jan 3 – Winter Break

Jan 4 – Students return


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