The Emotional Side of Leading


I read an interesting article on this #MLK2017 day about the struggles King had when he worked to raise issues of poverty and inequality in the North, especially in Chicago.

Just before his death, the movement he became the leader of was at a crossroads. Many felt it was time to move away from nonviolent protest in favor of more heated and confrontational rhetoric while King wanted to continue with nonviolent demonstrations and expand the work across the country.

Months later at a conference in Virginia where many viewpoints expressed proved the movement was fracturing, King went into a rage, trashed one of the rooms, and openly cried out that he was done with being involved and just wanted to go back to when he was the pastor of his “little church”.

When we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on his birthday, we mostly remember the incredible accomplishments for equality through nonviolent demonstration that established King a Founding Father of our country, and for good reason of course.

But the challenges of his personal strength during the growing momentum of the Civil Rights Movement are just as interesting to me.

King’s struggle to maintain focus and energy for something he had worked passionately for since he was 26 years old was a struggle that reveals a more personal and fallible side to a great man.  Learning more about King’s struggle connected me to this part of our history in a new way — I have a different appreciation of just how precarious the movement was at the time and the effect it was having on King’s morale.

This anecdote about King also gives me strength as a leader because it’s a reminder that no matter how hard we try, it’s hard to remove emotion from every situation; to press pause and have the right response to every situation; and to move forward when it feels like everyone else wants to move in a different direction. There is a powerful emotional side to working in education that is natural but should remain in check in order to keep moving forward.  Learning from the leadership struggles of others is a way for us to grow as leaders and gives us strength to push through challenges.


Have a GREAT week!

– Herb

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