“What’s a computer?” – Reality strikes back.


How many of our kids could use a phone like the one in the picture above?

Probably not many.

And our kids will probably never know the frustration of cranking the numbers of the phone number you were dialing (literally) and messing up on the sixth number so that you had to start all over again.

Apple’s latest ad for the iPad Pro where the kid at the end says, “What’s a computer?” got me thinking about just how much everything has changed in such a short amount of time. Check it out – https://youtu.be/sQB2NjhJHvY

Everything is changing so fast. For example, here are things that didn’t exist 10 years ago —

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 7.46.36 PM


Then, I did a little research and found a list of 10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago (from https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/06/10-jobs-that-didn-t-exist-10-years-ago/) —

App developer

Social media manager

Uber driver

Driverless car engineer

Cloud computing specialist

Big data analyst/data scientist
Sustainability manager
YouTube content creators

Drone operators

Millennial generational expert 

What would it take for our kids to be able to get these types of jobs? How much have we retooled schools to be able to get our kids ready to be competitive enough to land one of these jobs?

We meet with representatives from Apple about two weeks ago and one of the presenters shared that iOS App Developer is one of the hardest to fill jobs and it pays very well, even for someone new to the field. Then we heard from an elementary principal from Illinois (who is doing some neat work with her staff) who shared that they start kids learning to coding in kindergarten.
This question keeps me up at night — Have we changed enough to really get our kids ready for tomorrow? (Leaning towards “no” at this moment.)
I love it when reality smacks me upside the head because moments like these help me refocus on what we are doing. We need to continue to be on the pursuit of the right work to truly helping our kids be competitive in the future.
We get to figure this out together — We get to consider what needs to be done with our practice in order to catch up with the world around us.
Keep pushing yourself to evolve your practice. It is hard work but I think we agree that our kids are worth it!

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