Growing the New School Year

Update for Aug 31-Sept 4

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“What you focus on, grows.”

“How are you going to top last year?”

I didn’t know it 12 months ago, but these two quotes have a lot to do with each other.  The first one I’ve heard and read about over the past couple of years.  The second one came from a parent I ran into over the summer.  I had a response for the parent, but it took an amazing first year experience and the opportunity for me to work with excellent educators, parents, and students for me to have a response.

Last year when I started my new journey with Alton Darby Elementary, I committed to focusing on very few things such as relationships, listening, and putting students first.  I believe that being intentional about what I focused on helped me evolve my focus to empowering other stakeholders to make decisions. Relationships, empowerment, and student-centered learning were what I hoped to grow.  While the work I do with these three concepts will never be finished, I am proud of the progress we have made so far.

So, how did I respond to the second quote?  The one from the parent?

“Wow.  Thanks!  I’m flattered that you said that, but now I wonder if I should be concerned with the pressure to have another great year!  You know what?  I actually don’t feel that pressure the way I thought I would.  I’ve realized that it’s not up to me to top last year.  It’s actually the work that we all will do together that will determine the year we have.  We have a great team of teachers and I am also looking forward to working more with parents to help us continue to redefine what the elementary learning experience should be for kids.”

As we start another amazing school year, I am still committed to growing relationships, empowering others, and focusing on what’s best for kids.  I believe in the work we do for kids each day, I believe in the power of the team, and I can’t wait to see where we go to next!

Have a great week!

Articles Worth Reading

“Hopes for the Future” by George Couros

“What a Student Learned From a Short Experiment in Self-Directed Learning” by Jenny Brundin

// “The Many, Many Problems With “Follow Your Passions” by William MacAskill

Video Worth Watching

Upcoming Dates

Mon, Aug 31 — PTO Planning Meeting, 6:00pm
Tues, Sept 1 — Building Improvement Team meeting
Wed, Sept 2 — Staff Meeting, 8am; Focus on Writing Mantras and I-Time
Wed, Sept 2 — Fire drill (more details in email)
Thur, Sept 3 — Admin Meeting (Herb); L. McNaughton building visit PM
Fri, Sept 4 — FIELD DAY!; BAC meeting if any agenda items submitted by Weds.
Mon, Sept 7 — Labor Day, No School
Tues, Sept 8 — Team Connection Time w/ Herb; Let me know if you or your team would like to meet!; Mumkin Orders due
Mon, Sept 14 — PTO General Meeting, 6:30pm
Wed, Sept 16 — Parent EdCamp!, 5:30-7pm
Mon, Sept 21 — Safety Training Day, No Students
Thur, Sept 24 — Picture Day!