The Truth About Sharing

Update for Dec 14-18

A couple of weeks ago, my wife got me an amazing early-Christmas gift: a recliner.

I have officially said goodbye to any remaining youth I had and took one step closer to being that old man who yells at kids who walk through his lawn.

Ah, I have finally arrived.

The problem (for me anyway) is that even though it’s my chair, I’m the one who sits in it the least.

The kids fight over who will sit in it.

The dogs both sneak their way onto it.

Even the wife kicks back in it.

I feel like they all do it while I’m in the room, too, like “Ha, look at him over there stewing because I’m in his chair! Sucker.”

I know. It’s not really that bad. I’m actually glad everyone likes it. I really did think it was an old man kind of thing.

It’s just another lesson in sharing, which is challenging when you have to share something so coveted as a recliner.

Developing a shared vision is challenging, too.

As someone who’s in a leadership position, it’s hard to check my own perspective and make sure that my own vision doesn’t shut down someone else’s idea. For example, some folks ask for direction and ideas while others scrutinize words and conclude that I’m being too imposing.

As someone in a leadership position, this is a confusing position to be in.  How am I supposed to provide some sense of direction and not be too imposing? It’s actually a balancing act and sort of reminds me about sharing my chair.  

Here are just a few things I’ve learned about developing a shared vision from a leadership perspective:

  • The more specific I am, the more I limit who shares the vision.
  • Trust those who are building the vision with me — Keep it truly shared.
  • Hold myself and others accountable for working towards that vision.
  • Listen, listen, and then listen some more to what everyone, even the naysayers, are saying.
  • Ask more questions than answering questions.
  • Be extremely patient and trust the process.

I am so excited about where we are heading together as we take a look at strengthening the learning experience for our students.  I go through peaks and valleys of excitement and frustration along with everyone else.  But I know that it’s all apart of developing something special together.

Have a GREAT week!

— Herb

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The Folly of Comfort

Update for Dec 7-11

Comfortable shoes — There’s nothing else like them.  They are like the perfect pillow for sleeping or the hoodie we throw on to keep warm during a cold winter night.

At the end of a long day, no one is lacing up a pair of dress shoes to relax.  Instead, we often go for a warm pair of slippers or a pair of old running shoes that you can easily slip on without untying them.

I’ve been having some issues running lately where the muscle around my shin tenses up. It’s not something that makes me have to stop running, it’s just annoying and it slows me down a little.  I sound like a car that has a flat tire as my tensed leg strikes the ground with a flat “slap” on the pavement.

I’ve tried different stretches, paces and routes trying to find a solution.  I decided to go back to an old pair of running shoes to see if maybe my new ones were the issue.  

I laced up my old Sauconys and they felt great — Why did I ever stop wearing them?

After about a mile and a half into a run in my old shoes, my feet and knees started hurting.  Instead of going for a 6 mile run, I ended early.  What was I thinking?  I stopped wearing these shoes when I started getting injured — Why was I going back to them?

Instead of going the distance in my old comfortable shoes, I ran less than normal.

I share this because in the midst of change, we sometimes are tempted to go back to our old ways, putting on “comfortable shoes”, rather than face the challenge.

Our project is hard work and we have miles to go.  If we are going to keep moving forward and increase the depth and authenticity of the learning experiences we help create with kids, we should build off of what we do well.  

Let’s commit to strategically increasing our distance and pace and avoid seeking out comfortable solutions.

Have a GREAT week!


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