Get Instant Results!


Do you want instant results?

Do you want to shift student learning in a fast and meaningful way?

Do you want to improve as an educator?

Sounds like you are interested in FEEDBACK!

As you know, feedback, when done with intention and focus on the process, can dramatically change the learning in your classroom and school.  According to Hattie’s analysis of research, feedback has a 0.73 to 0.75 effect size on student learning (0.40 is the threshold effect size for having noticeable positive effects, so 0.73 is significant).

Take a look at what Hattie says about feedback:


What is important to remember is the way in which we provide feedback to other and that we as teachers must seek the feedback of our students about the learning experience in order to benefit from the positive effects feedback can have on learning.

There isn’t anything – not an app nor computer-based instruction program – that can have the same powerful effect on learning as the positive effect a teacher has on a student when providing constructive feedback that is focused on the process of learning something new.

Conversely, there is no better source of feedback – not from me, not from parents or coaches – than the feedback you receive from your students about your teaching if you allow them to provide feedback to you.

Feedback is a craft that takes time to refine — It’s a skill that takes time and intention to build.  There is a great book called Opening Minds  by Peter Johnston that would be a great resource for you to consider as you work to refine your craft.

I bring all of this up because this is important to me for what are, I hope, obvious reasons — because this particular exchange of ideas is a major source of effective next steps we all can take to improve.  This is the fastest way for us to improve our practice and get instant results!

As you reflec over the upcoming winter break, consider where you are with providing and receiving feedback.  What are ways you can improve?  How can you fine-tune your craft?

Have a great week!

— Herb

Feedback Tool —


Just as you rely on your peers and students for feedback, I rely on your feedback to improve!  You see things I don’t see, know things I don’t know, and hear things I don’t hear and that to me is a valuable resource.  Here is a great way for us to quickly communicate if needed — Voxer!

Getting Started Tips – Voxer Support

Vox me on Voxer! — You’ll need to sign up for an account if you are interested.  Voxer is a quick and easy way to reach me.  Have a question or idea and want to get it to me or others before you forget?  Voxer can help you do that.

If you like the idea of recording your thoughts quickly and getting it to me, you could use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or Google Keep on Android and text your recording to me.

You could always just find me and ask to chat.  This is a great low-tech option!

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Your Personal Average


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

I think about this quote often.  I think about how true it has been for me in my life.

In high school, I had a group of friends that I was fortunate to have in my life.  It was like I had 6 or seven more brothers to rely upon.  They truly had a positive influence over me. 

There was a point near then end of my junior year when I was set on not going to college.  I kept making excuses for myself because the process of getting in — the applying, the essay writing, the financial burden — were all so overwhelming to me that I just wanted to avoid the whole thing.

So here were my friends all going through the same process I would need to go through to get into college.  They all seemed to have a plan and were excited about this next stage in life.  I will never forget being over at one of my friends house one summer afternoon.  He had a pool and we were hanging out and shooting basketball into one of those poolside basketball hoops that I would one day completely destroy trying to be Shaq during a dunk.

My friend’s mom came out of the back door of the house and called for him to come in to take a phone call. “It’s OSU; they want to talk to you!”

Wait?  Colleges call people to convince them into going to their school?

A few minutes later, my friend jumped back into the pool with a big smile on his face.  “Ohio State wanted to make sure I was going to apply.  I told them ‘Of course!’”

I faked my enthusiasm because I was crushed.  I knew that with my attitude wasn’t going to get me into college, which deep down is what I truly wanted to do next in my life.  I wanted to be sought after.  I had dreams and aspirations too and I needed to do something about it.

It was that moment and all of the other positive effects of my other friends going through the process of getting into college that created a huge turning point in my life – One that I am thankful for each day.

I was fortunate then to have people around me who pushed me and made my “average” better. I continue to put this philosophy into practice today.  I learn from amazing people everyday and I am fortunate to be able to do so.  Each day I am pushed to grow better as a person because of who I surround myself with…And there are way more than 5 people who have this effect on me!

So, I ask you — Who are you surrounded by?  Are they pushing you to grow?  Are they inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone?  Are they helping you to improve your average?

Keep growing and have a GREAT week!


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