“Being a _______ is messy…”




We could all take turns filling in the blank to complete that statement.  All of our words would work too because life is a guaranteed complication.

Being a church is messy…

This is what our pastor said to a member who just openly shared his story of addiction with the congregation.  Her words were honest and sort of comforting at the same time because she then reminded us that we are all probably dealing with something too. We also need to remember that we have each other to get through it all as long as we have empathy and compassion for each other.

Today made me think about how the words and lesson shared by the pastor applies to so many parts of our lives.

Being a teacher is messy.  We all work hard and do the best we know how to do. We are our own worst critic and often overthink to solve problems that have solutions sitting right in front of us.

Being a principal is messy.  Packing up your emotions and feeling like you have to have the answer right away is more exhausting than it sounds.

Being a school is messy.  So many things have to work right in order to have success and it seems like it’s more often than not that one of the pieces falls apart or goes missing.

Learning is messy.

Change is messy.

Life is messy.

But it’s all good.

All of it.

The bad things that happen make us stronger so that we can some day help someone get through the same struggle.

The good things in life are all around us — It’s the people, our community, our students and our colleagues.  It’s in the joy of making someone’s day through a kind act.

So don’t fear the mess — Embrace it!  This is how we learn more about ourselves and each other and this is how we get better.

Have a GREAT, messy week!


– Herb

Worth Checking Out —


10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning http://www.teachthought.com/?p=35672 via @teachthought

Learning Places: Shifting from School Change to Fostering a Culture of Growth by Irene Fountas  https://lesleyuniversitycrrlc.wordpress.com/2017/02/03/learning-places-by-irene-fountas/

Upcoming Dates —

Weds, Feb 8 — ADE Staff Meeting, 8am — Serves as Literacy Data Team meeting: Focus will be on results/analysis of recent On-Demand Writing Assessment

Weds Feb 8 — RTI Team Meeting, 3:30

Thurs, Feb 9 — Building Improvement Team meeting, 8am

Feb. 13-16 — Parent/Teacher Conference Week

Mon., Feb. 13 — PTO Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Weds., Feb. 15 — Band & Orchestra Demonstrations to 5th Grade, during school day; Spec Ed Team Meeting, Noon; ADE Parent Teacher Conference Night, 3:30-8pm

Fri., Feb. 17 — No School – P/T Conference Comp Day

Mon., Feb. 20 — No School – President’s Day

Weds, Feb 22 — ADE Staff Meeting, 3:45

Thrs, Feb 23 — Mental Health and Wellness Team meeting, 8am

Fri, Feb 24 — BAC meeting, 8am

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8:30 AM-3:30 PM




8:30 AM-3:30 PM




8:30 AM-3:30 PM


CO-COA ConfRmLg 

PLC/Data Team Half-Day PD Days:

Feb 14 — 2nd Grade (AM), 1st Grade (PM)

Feb 15 — KG (AM), 3rd Grade (PM)

Feb 21 — 4th Grade (AM), 5th Grade (PM)


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